Journey towards Enterprise Readiness

Creating a more 'employment ready' generation

Holy Cross College

Based in the town of Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu, Holy Cross College (Autonomous) is committed to social growth through excellence in teaching and research. Campus Quotient is proud to partner with the venerable management of the college and the teaching staff towards this goal. The college continuously endeavors to bring quality education and good infrastructure to children. Campus Quotient has been engaged to complete this picture of education and social upliftment by bringing industry awareness and job readiness to the campus.

Enterprise Readiness - An Overview holycross

Trichy2 CQ conducted an overview session on campus to help build awareness about Enterprise Readiness. Lack of key skills, such as industry landscape awareness, affect the chances of students from Tier-3, 4 cities getting jobs. Students also need to learn to shape their perspective to real world industry problems. During the orientation session, CQ conducted an industry case study. Despite initial hesitation during the sessions, the participation in the case study was overwhelming. This is proof of the indomitable spirit and undercurrent of amazing talent that these students possess. All that is needed is a helping hand from industry veterans to bring out the best in them. Watch the students presenting their case study analysis here:

Trichy3 The CQ team also conducted an evaluation of over hundred second, third and final year students to understand their Enterprise Readiness. This assessment helps the college administration and the students understand factors that affect placements. CQ specializes in bridging this gap through direct connects with industry veterans. Over a hundred students participated in the exercise, with strong support and encouragement from the college staff. CQ is committed to transforming the graduates of this reputed institute into highly employable graduates. Over the next six months, CQ will collaborate with the professors and leadership of Holy Cross Convent to build Enterprise Readiness into the fabric of the campus, helping employability and kick-starting the careers of Holy Cross College graduates.